How We Make Our Bread


At Stapleton’s Bakery, we bake our breads in two different time-honoured ways. Our first technique produces fresh yeast based breads and the second delivers our traditional famous soda bread taste.

Bread is an important part of a healthy diet and at Stapleton’s we work hard to ensure that our bread is as healthy as possible.

  • We only use non hydrogenated oils (it’s healthier for your heart).
  • All our fat is vegetable based.
  • Our white bread is low in fat, containing no more than 3g of fat per 100g.
  • We have reduced the salt levels in our bread to 450mg/100g.
  • We don’t add sugar to bread – but bread like any cereal based product will have natural sugar that comes from the grain itself. These sugars are listed in nutritional information on all packs.
  • Our Brown Sliced Bread and Hi Fibre Soda are high fibre bread, this means they contain at least 6g/100g of fibre in them.
  • In our Low GI bread the G.I. stands for Low Glycemic Index, a medical term used to measure the speed at which carbohydrates break down in the digestive system to form glucose. Glucose is the body’s source of energy, fueling your brain, muscles, and other organs. Any food rating less than 55 in the G.I. is considered low and delivers glucose at a steady rate, keeping you fuller for longer.
  • Our sodabreads are made with buttermilk that is produced locally in Oilean Farm Co. Clare – see for more info.

Our new labels show % of calories, sugar, fat, saturates, salt and fibre in our bread along with Nutritional Analysis listing and a GDA (guideline daily amount) so you can decide what you require for your well being!

Recommended Guideline Daily Amounts are as follows:

WOMEN 2000 90g 70g 20g 6g
MEN 2500 120g 95g 30g 6g
CHILDREN 5-10 1800 85g 70g 20g 4g